I thought about publishing this site anonymously. I liked the idea of sharing my thoughts and art under a pseudonym so I’d be free from worry about anyone knowing who was behind them, of operating without a filter. It felt safer, quieter.

But, I yam who I yam. I got a couple of years of anonymity by posting on instagram without using my name, and it was helpful. It’s important to work in a judgement-free zone when making art. To turn off self criticism and fear of what others think. It was what I needed. And now it feels easier to use my name and continue operating with the same abandon.

Early on, I was very inspired by Lord Birthday’s story about breaking his artist anonymity in an Invisibilia podcast episode.

I’m still on the introverted end of the spectrum and don’t feel the need to put my name or picture into my art or on my site too much.

I do however copyright all my art and writing. Thank you in advance for contacting me to ask permission before using any of my work and for giving credit.

Credit: Kara Q Lewis or @wayfaring_kara (instagram)