Indigo Bunting

Poems in Process

Leaf blowers, tree cutters buzz distantly
Four hundred Indigo Buntings
Fly and sit and sing

Their thoughts carry them
From branch to wire to stream,
As they ponder color, leaves, and revel
In water playfully

When shaded skies enwrap the world, they snuggle
Warm hearts thrumming rhythmically
Elements of bones and beaks, of air and wings,
Form waves in syncopation

Strength swells from gentleness
Feathers fluffed to rest or preen,
They hearken for protection
To keep in check development

To soften… hold in wonder
When as they fly they dip and roll and glide
As graceful as a feinting Kite
Powerful as a thundercloud
Against a summer sky

Image credit: I used a photo by Brian Tang as drawing reference, used with permission. Visit Brian’s website to see his amazing photos: