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Just Write for introverts

Just Write for introverts

Hello, friends 🙂 Welcome to Just Write for introverts, your virtual writing partner in podcast form. Each episode, you’ll get a series of writing prompts (along with some of my thought rambles) for sessions that last however long you’d like to write. I suggest writing time lengths with each prompt, but you have the power of the pause and skip-ahead buttons, so you are welcome to move through the episodes as you wish. After introducing a prompt, I’ll count you out 1, 2, 3, write – and you can hit the pause button and do your thing. When you’re ready, come on back and continue on to the next prompt. Let’s get writing!

About: Disappearing into stories, as a reader and a writer, is my passion. Getting lost in a new world, having my imagination and emotions caught up in those of another’s experience, often to learn a lesson or come away with a new perspective, is magic. What’s also wonderful is sharing this passion with others. Nerding out with invisible listeners over words, poetry, prompts, ideas, and more, is a blast. It’s also been unexpectedly helpful and healing, helping me gain confidence and push through procrastination. Maybe these sessions will be beneficial for you in unforeseen ways, too.

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What’s the song prompt?
One of my favorite ways to start a writing session is with a song. I have a writing playlist with music I am inspired by that I’ll set to random and play when I’m ready to write. For the podcast, I’ve created a playlist with the random selection for that day’s session. You can follow the playlist on Spotify so it’ll be in your library, or you can look the songs up wherever you get your music. You can also choose your own songs if you don’t want to use what I’m sharing.

The point of the exercise is to get your pen and imagination moving. You have only the length of the song to write. So have your inspiration feelers out for a lyric, a word, an image, or the mood of the piece once it starts playing. Whatever sparks for you, write. At the end of the song, you move on.